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Four Lands of the Ottawa Valley

An interactive artmaking project creating and bringing to life miniature worlds to express differing perspectives on the place where we live.
Free, Everyone welcome!

@ Barry’s Bay Railway Station in downtown Barry’s Bay
Workshops free and open to all, drop-ins welcome.


Come see a new play on January 29th at the Lion’s Hall in Killaloe!

You may recognize the talented Sarah Waisvisz from her performance in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, presented at the Lion’s Hall last year.  Sarah is back on January 8th to perform her solo show – Monstrous.  She will be trying the show out on an audience for the first time.  And why did she choose Killaloe to premiere her show, you ask?  Because, we are a great audience, of course!

Monstrous poster29




From the Arts Court Website:

Armed with a suitcase full of secrets, one woman brings to the surface family stories, lies, DNA, and past journeys in order to understand who she is.

Heir to the losses of the African diaspora and the Holocaust, she confronts her desire for acceptance, her own prejudices, and the complexity of being multi-racial in our “Multicultural” Canadian society. A show for anyone who is seeking, if not a home, then at least belonging somewhere, somehow.

Please come and enjoy the show, and come back the next day for an amazing playwriting training with both Sarah and Eleanor Crowder part of the Social Scripts Youth Theatre Training!


What if the question is not where are you from but what are you? As a person of mixed-race, I was intrigued when Toronto Life magazine declared “The End of White Toronto: How a generation of mixed-race kids will transform the city.” The cover story argued that Toronto was becoming more multi-cultural, more mixed-race, and consequently much improved because of this diversity. But what of the deep sense of rootlessness, discomfort, and alienation that many mixed-race individuals suffer from? How can you answer “where are you from” when you don’t know what you are? Monstrous, or, The Miscegenation Advantage is my creative, auto-biographical, and multi-disciplinary response to this complex social phenomenon.

A major concern in the play is the theme of perception, and the disjunction between who we truly are as individuals and how we are perceived by society. Monstrous confronts this universal theme in a very specific way. I grew up feeling terribly self-conscious, weird, and ill-fitting, because nearly every day something would be said that made me feel less than normal, not good enough, not right, no matter where in the world I was. I have heard every possible variation of

• “Where are you from? No, really, where are you really from?”
• “You’re so exotic looking! I’m so jealous.”
• “Why are you always so dark?”
• “You’re not really black. You’re mostly white. Aren’t you?”

Are these kinds of comments motivated by simple curiosity and interest? Are they compliments? Are they racist? Or do the comments reveal a deep and intrinsic discomfort with people who do not fit into neat racial and cultural categories? Why is it important to know who and what I am and where I am from? No matter the motivation, these kinds of relentless questions and observations put the onus on me, like on other mixed-race individuals, to constantly justify and explain our very existence. This constant self-justification is exhausting and demeaning. Monstrous examines my own experiences but also throws up the mirror to the audience, and to my interlocutors …

I began writing the script for Monstrous while I was researching and writing my PhD dissertation about resistance, memory, and the very theme of diasporic identity in women’s literature from the Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean. The script of Monstrous is, without a doubt, the “rebellious twin” and “shadow text” to the dissertation. The script is everything that could not be contained by the academic genre and that cried out to be theatricalized and embodied; in many ways, Monstrous is the truth of the project, the guts and entrails of the project. Monstrous is my own act of resistance, my act of witness and testimonial, inspired by the tradition I have been studying, the history of my own family, and my personal experience as a mixed-race person in Canada. (SW)



A fundraiser for the Ottawa Valley Creative Arts Open Studio
Six course Story dinner with Chef Garth
Music and Narration by Schroeder
Silent Auction
$100 for two
Tickets at Grandma’s Pantry in Killaloe
Bonnechere Union Public Library in Eganville
South of 60 Arts Centre in Barry’s Bay
Janna’s gallery Cafe in Pembroke


 Housing Imaginations, Salmagundi Food Art, Dreamwalk to Pikwakanagan and more!kwchisfa



All Aboard! Join us on Sunday April 26 1 – 3 PM at the Killaloe Lions Hall


A public arts workshop led by Ruth Howard of Jumblies and OV-CAOS. Learn about our involvement in Train of Thought, a national community arts tour coming to Killaloe on June 12, 2015.

For all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Friday Afternoon Drop-in Schedule

Join us Friday afternoons between 1 and 5 at the OV-CAOS Studio at 29 North Street in Killaloe. All ages welcome. Drop in for tea, bring your own project or poke through our art materials and begin something new.DSC_0240

Drop-in Dates:

April 10, 17, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

April 24 – Closed for training workshop with Ruth Howard and Toronto’s Jumblies Theatre and Community Arts

Train of Thought Coming to Killaloe in June

Following old and existing train routes, Jumbles Theatre, with an array of community arts partners from across Canada, will be travelling on a meandering adventure called Train of Thought and stopping in Killaloe on June 12th!  OVCAOS will be hosting interactive art festivities for the Train of Thought arrival, with more details to be posted as we get closer to the event.

To find out more about Train of Thought:

Train of Thought is an imperfect and incomplete adventure – part of a longer and unending imperative to learn, connect and help to change tracks.

Currently Jumbles is fundraising to send more of their artists along on the trip.  They have launched an Indigogo campaign:



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